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About Alloy Tracks


Alloy Tracks is an innovative company dedicated to creating original music and sounds for the entertainment industry and beyond. Already a go-to company for motion picture advertising, Alloy Tracks is the source for Film, TV, Gaming, Commercials, New Media, Multimedia, Industrials, and more. Specializing in Orchestration, Sound Design, Original Songs, Sound-Alikes, and Instrumentals, we have the talent and the tools to get you Originality, Innovation, Emotion.

Our Services


Alloy Tracks provides custom sounds and compositions for commercials, gaming, movie trailers, tv and film. With over 13 years of quality placements in some of the industry's most prominent films, anything that needs sound / music, we have the tools and experience to create it.

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Who We've Worked With

Who We've Worked With
About Troy MacCubbin

alloy tracks founder

Alloy Tracks founder and Australian Troy MacCubbin is a longtime studio and touring musician, producer, and songwriter. He began playing guitar at the age of 10 while growing up on a small farm in Traralgon, Victoria, Australia. Troy joined his father's band when he was 14. After many years of playing guitar in numerous rock & roll bands throughout his native country, and earning extra cash by teaching guitar to students of all ages, he left Australia in 1997, relocating to Los Angeles to further his musical career.

Once there, he landed an audition as a guitarist for a band that went on to win the LA Music Rock Awards. Following this success, Troy performed as a guitarist with a number of LA-area bands. At the Viper Room, Troy was scouted by Interscope Records and asked to join famed Russian singing duo t.A.T.u. For the next few years Troy toured the world with t.A.T.u


After t.A.T.u., Troy worked & toured with artists including  Kelly Clarkson, Enrique Iglesias, Wilson Phillips, and Natalie Imbruglia.

Prohibition Studios
Prohibition Studios:
home of Alloy Tracks

Prohibition Studios takes you back to the vintage approach of recording music. Professionally crafted with a warm and inviting workspace, it was designed intentionally to creatively inspire you in a musically organic way. Every detail projects the character and feel of this space, taking you in a proverbial time machine through history of retro, industrial and modern influences. Reclaimed wood line the walls while a full length velvet curtain provides acoustic balance...a 1920's bar serves as the console desk as a reference monitor elegantly rises from inside...industrial lighting and a private entrance provide a comfortable feeling of solitude and privacy. And as if that wasn't enough, access to a kitchenette, full size pool and jacuzzi are sure to be features that serve and relaxing time away in between sessions. All of this is just steps away from a quaint cottage made available for clients who would like to stay on site.

Prohibition Studios was birthed with the concept of organic composition in mind, where a full band of musicians can creatively vibe from each other in their musical conversation. With a full size great room housing all of the essentials for rehearsals and tracking, this studio becomes more than just a place to record, but a breeding ground for real music.

Prohibition Studios
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