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  • Troy MacCubbin

Stranger Things 4' Soundtrack: Extended Remix of Journey’s ‘Separate Ways’ by Alloy Tracks

Updated: Feb 21

‘Separate Ways’ by Alloy Tracks

Immerse yourself in the nostalgic allure of the 'Stranger Things 4' soundtrack, where the iconic sounds of Journey's 'Separate Ways' are reimagined in an extended remix by Alloy Tracks. Journey alongside Alloy Tracks as they unveil their creative process, blending the beloved melody with the eerie ambiance of the Upside Down.

Delve into the depths of music production as they breathe new life into this classic track, seamlessly weaving it into the fabric of the hit Netflix series. Explore the synergy of past and present, nostalgia and innovation, in this captivating journey through the world of 'Stranger Things' music.


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